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WARNING! Do NOT read if you can't deal with a neutral response to these kind of things!

I don't know what the big fuss was all about. After all the reactions i have seen i expected the worst, but it really wasn't that bad. Actually, i genuinely enjoyed it.

actual critic:

Who the everglubbing flying fuck finds shit sexually arousing? Or vomit? seriously, that's gross. The diarrhea part was really not necessary, it almost ewe-d me away. almost. but since it's a key part for getting the plot line to flow, so i am going to accept it. accept, not approve. How could i ever approve something that disgusting? But however, moving on.

Another down point are the extremely surreal measures and sizes used. The whole story is surreal, i know, but the author could've atleast used some decent masses, they dissappoint me there. The only one capable of producing that much cum is probably the GHB which is self-explaining if you take a look at him.

Necrophilia is not my thing as is pedophilia, but since both are same age i think we can cross that one out. A characters face is practically holy to me, so the whole demolishing of Mabel's face was one more down point, escpecially the scalping session. The highest i am tolerating there is eye gore, pulling out teeth or tongue, glasgow smiles or the reverse of that, sewing the lips shut. The nipples too have to stay on the body since it's kinda weird knowing somebody not having them and nipples grow back only if the person that they are attached to is still alive.  The toes are okay, but i would have prefered if they too had stayed on the feet.

I would have liked it if the taco bell employee would have taken the entrails as his main target since i am a sucker for that (the best in the style of cupcakes) instead of the surface, but everyone has their own likings, not? The 'flatening thing' is something too that i don't understand, but i don't really know how to express myself there.

Onto the positive things now.

I liked the passive cannibalism. I like active, full-aware cannibalism more, but that's ok too. Masturbating is self-explaing, it's sexual, but it would have been better if Dipdop would have been older since such a young character already having desires and reactions that extreme is probably the most surreal part, but oh well. Also, pinecest. Yup. I ship it both red and pale, so there's that.

conclusion: kinda gross and highly surreal, but pinecest, blood, sexual intercourse and, most impotantly, cannibalism saved it somehow.

6/10 Points

Last commentar: I have had better. Or worse, in that case. The after effect is me starting to doubt my sanity since i know i should be traumatized by this, but, i couldn't care less. Maybe reading 'Cupcakes' at the age of 12 has hardened me against such things. And really, S.A.M. was worse that that- i mean better. Oh, forget that.

Drinking: peach flavoured ice tea

Eating: wieners (not shitting you), but now i want lahmacun.

Reading: as said, Dipper Goes to Taco Bell.

Listening to: Nightwish- Last of the wilds and Amaranth

watching: Yugioh Arc-V


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Don't have to know it.

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